The selfish

I seem to have such a great influx of amazing around me and there is bound to be some down sides. One of these that is rearing its head at the moment is of the selfish teenage kind. Where if you share with them that you are upset about a situation. They starkly reply that you should not be upset cause they are not. I am not sure where the logic is in that. The stupidity that everyone feels the same about an event is so farcical. Now I know teenagers aren’t wired quite right as their brains develop and their reasoning skills are all in the testing phase. But how can someone get it all so wrong and do they see they are wrong, but cant admit it for fear they may be mortal and fallible.

I am not sure this is really hatred even though it pulses through me on occasion when people pretend to listen to your wishes and agree but really have no intention of carrying anything out. I think this is a plea to understand for in my world people stick to their word because they have honour and they respect the people they have made a bond with. Maybe it is all about respect something as base as you can’t respect adults cause it’s not cool. Like the crazy thing I found out the other day. That its not cool to eat lunch at high school. That is just stupidity to me but I do understand rebellion and the will to define one self as an individual. I see the benefit of people growing and testing who they are but when that impacts on a whole family and their home and you expect people to just chill out because your cool with it, thats just selfish.

If I could go back I am sure I would change the way I acted to others but when I was the age of the teenagers in question I was just happy to have a roof over my head. I was a clown locked in a vacancy looking for people to love but finding only emptiness for so long. It is hard to compare us at all. I do understand being a teen can be hard.

My plea to teenagers
Please think about people around you affected by your actions and less about your facebook status.


~ by abagash on June 11, 2010.

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