I am the tiger’s eye.

I am the tiger’s eye.

It takes so long to forget the past and a lifetime to contemplate the future. Life sometimes feels so pointless just a cavalcade of disappointments. If you pick over the bones of your past you will find many hidden gems. Many would advise against this as it might bring about self-awareness and sadness for the mistakes and losses that have befallen you.

With the swivel of ones head, One sees that not knowing of the future is what will keep us on our toes or will knock us on our arses. If we knew the terror, the grotesque nature of our future would we go on?

But really at this point I am quite happy with both my past, present and future.

Sure there has been sadness, loss and betrayal in my past but whether self made or thrust upon me it has all seemed to conspire to make me who I am today.

The future seems it will be so dandy and well-lit one must wear tinted spectacles.

Which door will you choose?


~ by abagash on August 20, 2009.

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