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I am on the train again going south I have been doing this journey quite a bit whisking myself out of my dieing working class town into the mountains where things seem alive for me at the moment. The love flows like a warm sticky mass of good juju through us encircling us with its tendrils. We are quite powerless to stop this love. I am flying and diving toward the ground with no fear. The warmth will cushion my fall like a warm updraft before I should be a sticky array of bones, blood and flesh in a splattered mess.
I am working hard on making films with young people. Things are progressing well and we should make some grand advances on the film for council, which is almost finished. Yesterday I started planning a classic style slasher film with some young people the average age was 13. Cool as fuck they are a great bunch of youngins and I am sure are destined for greatness.
The sky has turned orange and I wish days where longer and I could hold you all closer. I want this all to last forever but feel strangely melancholy like one day we will all die and it will end so suddenly. So I guess the thing for me at the moment it is about making the most of it. Life that is.

1.    Love
2.    Make and enjoy films
3.    Appreciate the amazing people around you
4.    Become my own self help guru
5.    wtf


~ by abagash on November 1, 2008.

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