Oh my phlegm abounds in spades cascading from me as if I was a fountain in disrepair. I have not written in this style for a few months. Time has been ticking for my typing fingers grown brittle and weak.

Life has been amazing at the moment the spring is leaving flowers at my door in large heaps. I seem to have been given a job, a job I sort of fell into through my passions like Alice and the rabbit hole. It is a strange landscape of smiling jovial people.

My heart grows warm and my strength is renewed when I think of the lady of my heart.  How does one express the glowing radiance that is us our hearts locked, breath shared and sheathed in a film of red light.  I love our journeys into each other’s minds digging for how the hell we got here. I love her and all her adornments.

Life is truly dandy and I will try to write again soon.


~ by abagash on October 17, 2008.

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