climate change action

climate camp newcastle 2008
So what does one do to stop carbon emissions? Turn off the light, drive less, think about using the “other nuclear” solar or maybe just maybe stop a train carrying 20 thousands tons of coal. Well just this weekend gone I attended the climate camp action to stop trains carrying coal into the largest coal exporting port in the world.
This action was the culmination of a week of workshops held about the environment with many workshops talking about the effects of coal globally and also locally in my hometown of Newcastle.
climate camp newcastle 2008
It all started with much color marching from Islington Park to the Carrington coal loader. There were an amazing number of cops present (I was later to find out there was 160 including mounted and riot squads) they approached me in the park worried about the metal brace I had strapped to my arm to aid me in keeping my video camera steady. I explained and they fucked off back to their line. The march began and the color and the spirits where high. I read in the Newcastle herald the next day that the drums were menacing I am not sure were what fucking planet that reporter was from she also claimed it all went sour when people sat down in front of police. What really happened was people sat down for a five-minute silence to reflect and lament about the place our planet is in at the moment. I dare to say the reporter was never at the rally.
climate camp newcastle 2008
Then it was on. time for direct action I am not sure there was any need because the police had already occupied the rail corridor making sure there where no trains coming and going. Just one solitary 40-carriage coal train stood there laden with coal. The target was set and many people scaled fences to get to it. Some to lock on some to stand on the trucks and shovel the coal out with their bare hands.
It was a great day, a great out come. The coal industry and the government put on notice that people are not going to sit idly by and watch our planet die for corporate greed when we can use our brains and our technology to come up with alternatives that could save our civilization.
climate camp newcastle 2008


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