not so sour

So the day wafted forth a little bit less sour. Last night had been made so much better by the band the perrytree they made me chuckle and also swim in my awe of their greatness. With the new album title “Aaron from the Torah!” they made me realize some times amazing things just explode into your life. The perrytree are a lofi art rock duo that can do no wrong. Go download their album for free. And fall in love.
Other amazing things popped out of the woodwork creative people just rock my world and what would I do without their love and light to bring a broader picture to the world.
What would we do without art? Would be pretty dull place if ya ask me. My friend jadey has been a great help. I thank her amazing self for dealing with me on my simmering raw ride into a brighter day. What would a recluse do without such great friends? I’ll leave you today with a song by my good friends jade (not to be confused with the above mentioned jadey.) and Steve who make up a group I call “wasted octopus”. So enjoy the sunshine and be kind to yourselves. You only get one shot at life make the most of it. (Can ya tell I just watched fame?)


~ by abagash on July 9, 2008.

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