“Very hot. Drugs may have looped him out a bit though”

So I get this anonymous comment today on facebook. I have a little box on my profile people can leave comments and I will only know if the male or female. So the winner for double edge comment of the year so far goes to a lady who wrote. “Very hot. Drugs may have looped him out a bit though”

so what is she trying to say? Well I not sure we will ever know for certain. It starts out well, but I must question her sanity already to think I am hot. So then we go to the looped out by drugs comment. It is true I was a drug addict yes but in that same breath I have been off hard drugs now for ten years and my life has blossomed into the life I know and love now. I also have had loopy moments but we all have looped out times. Some of the most straight edge people I know are so looped, off the cuff and clown like it is not funny. She may feel that the drugs have pushed me over the edge or maybe she think I am downright mad.

I will admit this comment made giggle. So if that was intention awesome, but it also made me ponder. how do people really see us? Especially on websites where you have a span of friends that knew you back then. But do they know you now?
I will keep pondering have a great day.


~ by abagash on May 5, 2008.

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