what to write for you

What to write for you?
About the ascent and the fall the loss and the searching.
Where do I fit in now?
Trashy weekend and the gals
•    The girl that lent on me for two hours at bar open with limited interaction and then turned when she was leaving to make me put her number in my phone. If I promised to call her the next day. She had just finished her second bottle of champagne late in the night. (Made Austria video launch night Thursday 3rd of April 2008)
•    On the Friday I hang out with the nuke arse crew.  Anji, Anna, philthy, killer, texta, Lou, penny, shab and Eva. We drank wine ate awesome dhal and chatted. We decide to hit a bar at about two (old bar a rock and punk pub on Johnston st) we sank Smokey getting more drunk and laughing. As we were leaving I waited for the posse on the street listening to the klf on Eva’s headphones a pretty gothic looking girl with an a amazing quiff punch me in the ribs and told me she liked my work. I work was she speaking of or was it just my individual look. I smiled and thanked her as she disappeared into the crowd of the pavement.
•    The rest of the weekend will be censored due to legal advice but it did contain lots of talking laughing and the making of a stop motion film with Anna and Eva.
Not sure weather to make this submission quirky or a true raw as hell bearing of the soul. Will put pen to paper after I settle back at home.


~ by abagash on April 14, 2008.

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