the internet produces so many great talents so today i present to you some uncut gems for your viewing pleasure.
the first cab of the rank is tinac she first came to my attention last night through my friend erica via perez hilton’s blog. she is a 16 year old from Kansas here she sings the backstreet boys classic “EveryBody backstreet back”. Her abilty to stay off key is truelly amazing and her salutation at the end of this video floored me. she is a true genius. viva tinacmusic

and the other gem is sure to be an internet classic in no time. it is a video of dr lemur’s mum she is 59 years young and she is showing out for all the mums out there. who needs another emmalina bootie shaking video when you can have some expericed hips on the move. hailing from the gold coast this wonder of nature dances and pets her dogs all to the beat of intergalactic by the beastie boys. i so wont to be adopted by this family. watch and enjoy

hope every one is well i will be back soon.


~ by abagash on November 14, 2007.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!youtube has truly provided the human race with the ultimate voyeuristic tool.
    This woman, even ten years ago, would have been having a secret and terrible moment with only her unfortunate dog to witness it…’we have the technology'(to be very nerdy and quote that. I have no shame)

    Im going now ,to wash my eyes.

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