the energy is starting to flow back into me. started my vitamins regime with a vengeance yesterday gushing with energy at times i dance. i have awoken so watch out for the man who can type.
Fridays work went well it was very cruisy but just getting to the job was a bugger i woke up an hour later then what i hoped because of daylight savings. which changed a few weeks ago but alas i had not changed with it. so i was a bugger. i thought i will call them tell them it is all doomed. but luckily i thought better of it. hit the shower and psyched myself up for the day ahead. i was dead set rooted after it but it was a grand day. now for the crazy process of editing all the footage.
the weekend was a blur of sleeping. i could not seem to get up at all just cooked and slept.
but yesterday mimi sent me on a mission to find a swag at the aldi that mary k had seen for 120 bucks. so i walked into the sunny day tunes in my ears and pleasant thoughts in my mind. i hit the coffee shop first for some refreshment to help in dealing with humanity. the coffee shop is just on the edge of the wasteland as you start to reach civilization. such a prime location for this kind of medication. i ordered my double espresso to go and marched on into the abyss that is Hamilton. i noticed so many people there yesterday that just seemed aimless like they were wandering with no purpose at all. when i hit Hamo i always have goals or i would not go at all. the swag was to expensive so i tracked on to the health food store for vitamins. a quick visit to the fruit store for bananas and i was headed home again.
last night filled with energy i stayed up fairly manic playing music online to people. you might find me through this square window sometime


~ by abagash on November 12, 2007.

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