So here i am again out the back the weather suiting my mood. It is overcast with little bursts of sunlight every now and then. I am a member of the coffee gitterati again seems coffee and writing go hand in hand for me. I have been working working on a little secret video project but i am sure those special people will find it. Well some already have i guess i am not that good at hiding i want to share how i feel but i know it is still as boring as fuck so if anyone watches it will be a miracle. So tomorrow i work and i need all my energy hopefully i can make it through the day. The event sounds fab so i am sure it wont be a problem but the aftermath might hurt.
My friend justin is installing a free satellite system in my house on saturday. So i am really lookin forward to stealing strange media from the air and mixing them up with drones. who knows what might come of this culture jamming. I defintly dont but i have some ideas for the process forming in my head. There goes my brain again ticking over i just hope for the energy to fulfill such projects. well i will away again to talk with some friends


~ by abagash on November 7, 2007.

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