It seems like the beginning again i have decided to try and write an entry a day just until i get my head straight again. I have been sleeping almost non stop for a couple of weeks now well thats what it feels like anyway and it really starts to fuck with your head. my body encased in the same four walls way to long. So i am on a mission to get out of this rut in a creative manner. using the power of writing and lots of vitamins and a touch of fresh air and sunshine.
so here i sit on this gloomy day at the table in my backyard. thinking and hoping for a lifting of spirits. i was talking to claushah yesterday and she sugested i get out in the sunshine and that the glow of the monitor was not enough. so i bring my lappy outside and there is no sun but i am sure if i do this for a few mornings there will be sun i hope it has not dissapeared while i was hidden away. i have been hanging out with alot of writers and of late with my travels and which has put back on the writing trail. this medium was my salvation for many a year but technolgy pulls me from it and again and again. but drawing me back are courtney collins a great friend and my favorite play write even though i dont think she is writing plays anymore. ben snakepit a comic writer from the USA who writes the comic snakepit. luke you who writes the zine you and is in the acapella hard rock group made austria. lou and tom (breakdown press) who are so loving and publish stuff that inspires me to keep fighting in this creative battle and jade a blogger i met about a year ago who’s blog i just read back over she like her name is a beautiful rock. all these people rock my world there are many others in my mind at the moment and with all this coffee that is starting to take effect what i am i to do but get more gushy.
i am trying not to get flustered by work that i keep getting offered but it really fucks with my energy levels. yet another reason to get well so i can do amazing projects with amazing souls. so i will leave you now with my mind vomited on your shiny shoes. i will return with more self referential bollocks in days to come.


~ by abagash on November 6, 2007.

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