Here is a song from the chaser about how people are viewed after death

and here is what the prime minster john had to say to them a few days later when they ran into him.

I found this very funny not just because they pissed off john Howard that is always a win in my books because he seems to piss me off on a daily basis. There observations of the view of people after death are true especially big industry men.
I had a great conversation the other day with M she said that her mother always comments about how the eulogies at funerals are to glowing and unreal. So we thought that if we ever get the chance to speak at her funeral we would mention this fact and then mention how much of a negative person she was. We rolled around on the floor for a good 10 mins after that one. I hope she does not die to soon before I finish they first draft on the eulogy.


~ by abagash on October 21, 2007.

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  1. Thats so funny!!!

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