Abu Dhabi stop over. 9.56 am Sunday 15th April
In the UAE for 12 hours or so it is strange. kinda does not feel like I am out Australia but I well and truly am After a 14 hour flight to get here yesterday. Wow a flight like that fucks with your mind, only a few hours in it does not feel like you are cruising through the air at forty thousand feet. You don’t want to think about that concept to long or you might be like the coyote in the road runner cartoons when he runs of a cliff and does not fall and then the road runner gives him a book on gravity and he is fucked and falls to his doom. The only thing that reminds you that you are up there is the turbulence and that is not bad I always kinda feel I am on a very expensive rollercoaster with no rails. The worst turbulence I have experienced was in Australia cruising into Canberra. It felt like we were 100 of meters at a time, the earth was so close as I looked out the window. I was interested at my response as the turbulence got worse. My smile grew and grew maybe it was the reminder that I was alive and I was happy with my life.
That is enough reminiscing I need to be in the now. The UAE has been amazing. staying in a ritzy hotel. I arrived and midnight last night. Was a bit of a trip to work out how to get out of the airport but it worked out to be rather easy. As I cruised out I got comments on my beard and some nice smiles. I got stopped by customs for a bag search. One of the very few on my flight to get this treatment. It was all fine but maybe it is my beard and my crazy looking self that warrants this treatment. I can say that I was expecting it. Strange people need to be feared and maybe the customs officers had seen s-dub’s UFO (unidentified furry ozzie) vid warning Europe of my arrival.

I am very excited to meet “tha polar bear” and all the other you tube freaks that I have been communicating with over the past six months or so. The two t’s or TNT as I call them made me a shirt. That is like the you tube logo but instead of you tube it says aba gash. I was very stoked when I saw that. I am so amazed at how giving these people are that I have been sharing my life with. It is just a trip that I am here. I will have to pinch myself to see if I am dreaming.
The hairy Aussie on the move.
Dr Cendre (ash)


~ by abagash on April 19, 2007.

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  1. Ash i’m glad to hear your travels have been going well. (Yes, I’m subscribed to you. So you should blog more) It was nice to catch up with you the other day. France looks wonderful.


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