You tube video highlights Racism in Australia.

A you tube video has caused controversy in Australia. over the last couple of days the video called “lebo thugs” seeming to be a creation of some high school students from Sydney’s west. The video could be construed as racist but I believe it is more about identifying as Lebanese Australians and reacting against the way the Lebanese community is pigeonholed by certain factions of Australian society. namely the government, Prime Minster Howard commented on the video say “it’s a reminder that there is undoubtedly within a section, a small section of the Lebanese community a group of people who are antagonistic to the values and the way of life in this country.” I sure this is true but I do believe you can look in to any section of society and find the same thing no matter the race. This is yet another example of the prime Minster stirring the pot of racism.

I took a look around the sight you tube for examples of Anglo racism from Australia this is not at all hard to find. One disturbing video I found was of the Cronulla riots of 2005 where large groups of white Australians banded together to beat up innocent people of Middle Eastern descent. Set to the soundtrack of Skrewdriver an English skinhead band. This video glorifies the criminal and violent actions of Anglo Australians against people of Middle Eastern descent. .

So why does the government and the media single out the alleged racism of some Lebanese teens that basically made a gansta rap video. When there is also hate from Anglo factions glorifying hate crimes. Maybe it is because it is easier to point the finger at a minority then tackle the larger problem of racism in Australia.

When is this bickering and the finger pointing by the government and media going to stop? We are all Australians.

Happy Australia day.

Watch the videos and judge for yourself.



~ by abagash on January 24, 2007.

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  1. “You’re not welcome, this is our land, get the hell out”
    Yeah I’ve heard blackfellas stray on that same line, mostly half castes, mixed blood mob. As if the guy who quotes it is likely any different. He has a point though, localism is worth respecting. Anyone who walks into a unknown circle and uses their fists and mouth over their eyes and ears is a fool. Then again, what claim has this bloke got on it being his land.
    That motto on the beach should have had a pair of chopped nads next to it.
    Goodnight America!

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