From where I sit I can see the dried blood of a murdered woman staining the asphalt of the Hamilton train station car park. She was stabbed to death on Sunday night over a disagreement of some sort. Looking at this now brown smear in front of me makes it all the more real to me. Like I need some sort of proof that what I watch on the news is actually real. It seems so easy to detach nowadays even when the killings are only a couple of suburbs away. But it seems I can’t hide from this one as I walk past here every couple of days. It is just a reminder to me that people are not just numbers, they are flesh and blood. This becomes so apparent when you see the blood of one of them smeared and dried on the ground. Which makes me question whether modern life has detached us from life.
It seems we are in the middle of Newcastle city council’s sanctioned Stabbing Awareness Week. I joke but after five stabbings and three deaths in four days you have got to wonder, why do people go this far? What pushes people over the edge? This a question I have asked myself many times. For ages I was obsessed by serial killers and just plain one off murders. I think firstly because of it’s grizzly realism and my want to shock myself alive. But then it became a more in depth study of why people kill. I found that there are as many reasons as there are murders. There seem to be two major camps you can place theses crimes into. The calculated and the passionate.
I was reading a paper recently that proclaimed that love was like a mild form of insanity. So if this school of thought was ever adhered to in a court of law, I am sure many murderers sentences would be dropped down to lesser sentences such as manslaughter. But it still remains a mystery to me why people would step from “I love you” to “fuck you! You’re dead cunt!” so quickly. but it seems to happen all the time. I will endeavour to do some more study on this topic.
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~ by abagash on June 20, 2005.

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