Friday the 27th of may
Well I slept well haven’t done that for awhile. I quite aware the last few times I have written about my life has been when I am fairly hungover or on a recover day of some sort. Why is that? I am not totally sure but it seems in those days where my head is murky I fall into introspective states. My brain on normal days just seems to flounce along not really doing much unless I apply it. Have I taught my brain to just cope to protect it or have I pushed it so far that when it is idling you hardly even know it is there. I think I need to apply my mind more so it is ready at any second. I am in process of getting myself better organised so I can make music and generally have a better quality of life.
The last day has been very concerned about lounging around and watching movies (Ferris bulers day off, Gerry, ken park)


~ by abagash on May 26, 2005.

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