Lying in the back yard soaking up the last days of autumn. My body is slightly ravaged from the night before. I went with friends to celebrate Abraham’s birthday. I had been swilling beer for most of the afternoon just in preparation. You just never know when you might need to behave like a pissed idiot. But I didn’t really get the chance. Even though me Abe hit the rum with a passion when we hit the pub. It was a very pleasant affair as often the lass is on a week night. I talked most of the night to different people from varied backgrounds
I was talking to C about how she was and her desire to be a mother. Then there was a great moment where T breezed into the conversation. even before she had said hello. T busted out with the big questions. “do you still menstruate.” C’s come back was swift and smooth Along the lines of “where I am from we usually say hello and how you going before we ask questions like that.” fuck it was funny. T is a doctor so she asks questions like that everyday and she was a little bit sloshed at the time. Maybe she went back into work mode. Or maybe her surgery is actually a pub. I thought that maybe we were all open enough to talk about such issues. But I think it is just a nice way to say, have you reached menopause? Which is really quite an intense and personal question. But C handled the question with ease and it all ended with a giggles all round.


~ by abagash on May 25, 2005.

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