I am all sleepy. I just woke up from a couple of hours sleep. Been dreaming of cake monsters drooling molten icing. Fuck knows what that is about.
Thursday night I went to the launch of Mel and Matts tattoo store. Was very fun got to chat to lots of old heads that popped in to soak up the sterile chic of the place. It looks, as Paris Hilton would say “its hot.” it has a black and white checked floor much like the black lodge in twin peaks. Huge white leather chairs that any gimp would be proud to be strapped to.
Got chatting with Ben and it is looking like we might try to put a night on. Maybe at the Cambridge. But basically a night where people can dance to good music. None of the shitty breaks that isn’t even real breakbeat just a shitty softcore mess that can get fucked. No house or crap. There is nowhere decent to go dance at the moment that’s what I keep on hearing so no need to keep on whinging do something fuckers. So it all looks really positive even with all the negative statements I just made.
As the night got progressively older people got drunker and louder. You got love trash bag drinking whores maybe I am saying that cause I was one last night but just last week I had bad juju with a hoard of them. But the night ended with me walking the streets of newie on my way home drinking a whole bottle of wine just to get me through the chilli night.
Yesterday I woke up and lulled back to sleep several times finally I stood erect to find I was still quite pissed I drank lots of water to try and escape a large headache later in the day. Which I was happy didn’t ever happen I finally got the fuck out of the house and into the brisk day I headed west along the harbour you never know on days like this wether there will be a crazy head wind to cycle into which can really ruin a slightly bright day. But it was all clear. Even got to sweat out some of that beer and wine juice I was sucking in so well the night before. Heading up and saw mark and bought some great records some nice drum and bass and I bought some old repressings of old bloody fist stuff. Then I headed down to diabolic to talk to Darren about the tatt I have been planing in my head for the last couple of years. Darren is gunna draw some stuff up for me on the weekend. Should look a little like this
well over and out once again time to get some more shut eye. Should be back here again sooner I hope.


~ by abagash on May 13, 2005.

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