degrassi and sex

It seems I might have weathered my degrassi blight. It seems I have been watching old episodes for about a week and a half. I am not sure if this devotion or stupidity. I also read 11 books dedicated to the series. This show seems truly addictive dealing with a group of students passing through high school and of coarse junior high. The big issues dealt with are anorexia, teen pregnancy, abortion, HIV, divorce, child abuse, death, suicide, bulling and the general trauma of being a teen and having to go to school.
The thing that is sticking out in my mind at the moment is no one of the show ever has sex with out ramifications. (Well if they do they don’t show it)

Classic series
Spike and Shane
: had a very quick quickie (about 30 seconds says the “spike” book) at a Lucy’s party. Which ended with spike getting pregnant and having a child Emma. They even kicked out of school for being pregnant.

Erica and Jason (a fellow councilor at summer camp): Erica gets pregnant and she doesn’t want to have the child sighting she is much to young (14) to have a child. She doesn’t want her religious parents to find out. So she goes and has an abortion fighting through anti abortion protesters to do it. She is also target by Liz after it as a baby murder.

Liz and one of her mums ex boyfriends: this man rapes Liz. This hangs over her head giving her nightmares and cant even think of being with boys. An example of this is Chris try’s to give her a goodnight peck after they have been to the pogues concert. He gets pushed away violently and screamed at. She makes a quick retreat indoors locking the door firmly behind her leaving Chris standing on the porch baffled as to what he has done.

Dwayne and a cute gal he met over the summer: Dwayne contracts HIV. Which weighs on him mentally. He tells Joey in a fit of rage after Joey has made his nose bleed. Joey keeps it a secret but rumors still abound. He finally cracks under the pressure and tells his best friends who shun him. He goes to the school dance and everybody stares at him as if he could infect them all by his mere presence. One of his friends has a change of heart and he gets to dance.

Schools out
Joey and Tessa
: Tessa gets pregnant even with use of a condom. She has an abortion with out Joey even knowing she is in the family way. She is also very upset by Joey using her just for sex.

Joey and Catalin: this seems to go well safe sex and all. But always the degrassi twist. Catalin works out that Joey doesn’t hold sex in the same regard as her. She finds out he was cheating on her with Tessa. When she over hears Joey and snake having a fight. It all ends in tears and harsh words.

The next generation
Paige and dean
: Paige is raped by dean at a party. She was hoping to get close to him but didn’t want to go all the way. This weighs on her mind greatly. Not knowing weather she led him on. She works trough her guilt and shame to find that he did take something that wasn’t offered to him. This effects her ability to be intimate with boys. She decides to try and get him charged. He is charged and she has to wait three years for the trial. He is proven innocent because there was not enough evidence. After the trial she goes to a party gets drunk and decides to exact revenge. By backing spinners car into deans car. She is charged and loses her license.

Spike and snake: this all appears to go well. But spike has an unplanned pregnancy. She not sure whether she should get an abortion. Snake has said to her earlier that he is ready for kids but not just yet. Spike withholds her secret till Emma can’t hold it any longer and has to go and tell snake. It all gets out of hand with the breakdown in communication. But our two lovers make up and talk about it and nine months later jack is born delivered by Liz.

Manny and Craig: Craig cheats on Ashley with Manny. They don’t use protection because he think many is on the pill after she says it is ok. She is referring to that it is her first time. Craig takes this mean she is on the pill. She gets pregnant and has an abortion. And is very heart broken when Craig won’t break up with Ashley. He ends up with no one a bit distressed at what he has done

Ashley and Craig: this all appears to go well one of the most trouble free acts of sex on the show almost. Ashley parents find out she was with Craig. After Joey comes to her gay dads wedding and asks about the hotel room that they had sex in. Craig stole Joey’s credit card to pay for the room and later in the night Craig smashed up the room in the clutches of a bipolar episode.

The Emma, Jake and Alex triangle: Emma gives Jake a blowjob in the back of a van in the ravine. Jake is cheating on his steady girlfriend Alex with lots of girls in the ravine. He gives both of the gals in question Gonorrheae. Alex and jake brake up. Emma gets a reputation when people find out about the STD she has contracted.

I see that these storylines are made to teach people of all the things that can and do go wrong. But I think that it is on the negative tilt of real. Sex is a big step don’t get me wrong. But nobody Is ever shown in a loving relationship where it all goes right. But I guess that wouldn’t make for good drama. I think that the degrassi world is believable but made hype real for dramatic purposes
whore ray for all the degrassi sluts

~ by abagash on March 20, 2005.

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