To the mall

I am contemplating the great aussie teen novel. I have been doing a lot research reading back over novels that I loved as a teen and even a few new ones. I am trying to find the essence of these novels to work out why I loved them. Then use that to make my story all that much better.

Books I read in the last week:

Cannily cannily by simon French

Hey phantom singlet by simon French

Looking for alibrandi by melina marchetta

3 great books Simon French’s novels (his first two novels) seem tomes of individuality. How kids that are a bit different can still be them selves. These seem like a breath that can let you know that we are all a little different. This is hard to see in the crushing conformity of high school. Something also dealt with in “looking for alabrandi” this one is a sharp learning curve about Italian culture and it place in Australian society. It seems that all the main protagonists in these novels are better people by the end. They go through hell in their own way but they learn from it.

Books I wanna read

Any s.e Hinton novels (tex, that was then this is now, rumble fish and the outsiders)

The original degrassi high novels

Pugwalls summer

I loved all Hinton’s novel when I was a teen, I am not sure about the degrassi novels I read them all in my very late teens. I don’t think there is a lot of writing talent in the novels but the charters are very well rounded and I am still mad about degrassi to this very day. I want to read pugwalls summer cause I read the first book a couple of weeks ago and if gives me that Victorian flavor. The writer turned out to be one of my best friends Alison year 3 teacher. It such a small world.Well enough of my literal bullshit me and al are going to the mall. I am going to take photos of the Christmas chumps. Catch ya soon ash…


~ by abagash on December 13, 2004.

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