Karmile is getting closer. What does that mean well I hope I know, maybe, maybe not.

It is my first night living uptown. I still have to do a fair bit of shit back at the other house but most of my stuff is here. Fuck moving is fucked. No other adjective seems to fit at this present time. (I have been moving for the last seven days. I am tired and sick of lifting up things and putting them down again.) I am sure this house will bring me very cool shit. But to get here it has been a battle. I had last night off and had a slumber party with Cat. We had a spa and listened to music and talked about our lives and loves. It was so necessary to do something normal in this moving nightmare.

I just went walking to get some money to pay rent and realized how much this part of town holds memories for me. I walked past the waterfall and remembered when me and my dead friend Phil sat in full black metal garb and splashed water. We laughed so hard at the contrasts of how we looked and acted. We played it like we where in a romantic 70’s soft focus photo of some sort. Scooping and splashing water as if the world didn’t matter cause we were so happy. Well I guess we were it was the summer 94/95, we were 20 and having the time of our lives.

Was life that great? Thinking back surely it couldn’t be. But I think it was the whether was great. I lived near the beach with friends; I was in love with a woman I adored. I would hang out with friends play music, get drunk take trips smoke ganja and laugh a lot. Maybe the sands of time passing through my brain have made me forget the bad times. I am sure there where many but they seem far out weighed by the joy I remember.

Life seems a lot more troublesome now. But maybe before I was just unaware of what it is I worry about now. But I am very pleased with what the world has taught me bloody hell life is cool. I hope it never gets boring


~ by abagash on February 4, 2004.

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