This day is hot! I think I just high distinction in my stating the bleeding obvious course. Don’t mind me my brain isn’t working to well.

Paul and al came home early in the week from their trip south. I have been hanging with them quite a bit. I am sure we are the most dangerous gang in Newcastle. Slashing throats and tires with quick-witted remarks. We sink to new lows every time we meet in the pun and word play department. It always leaves a smile on my dial. I give thanks to all those with warped senses of humor that make it bearable to live in this sick sad world.

Went to the movies last night to see “getting square” it was a bit of a dog. I had a bit of a laugh but the story didn’t add up. I believe in a comedy such that is trying to have its basis in truth. Should stand up and make sense. But it was full of gapping holes. I feel the writer need to do more research. It might have been a colorful romp for uneducated. But for someone such as myself who has lived with career criminals and desperate junkies it didn’t work.

I hope to catch the last screening in town of “spellbound” a movie about the American national spelling bee this afternoon. I predict it will be a lot better then the stinker “getting square”

Maybe I should go and enjoy the sunshine but it seems a little intense.

Here is a review of gettin square which is a lot brighter then mine just in case ya wanted to know more. Don’t get me wrong I love Aussie cinema


~ by abagash on January 6, 2004.

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