I sit early morning video clip overload. I slept through most of them but it seems like even with your eyes shut your subconscious makes the clip. Can’t remember any of my brains remixes to impart at the moment.

The weather want make up it’s mind weather it is spring summer or winter. I don’t much mind I enjoy walking through the night air balmy or cool. What a weird walk home last night. My brain was messy from to much red bull (I am so hardcore) I had been at the rap party for NYWF (national young writers festival) I was the only one not drinking except my red bull binge. We watched a slide show of events at the festi talked about writing and writers and all that had gone down at the event. I started talking to Tania nerdling in the zine library about starting the pod zine back up. It’s befits to our local community. Just as we talked about a zine launch for early next year. I turned around people were sharing harsh words between each other. I didn’t know what the fuck was going on.

We had some people crash the rap party that had nothing to do with the writers’ festi which isn’t really on. People trying to take the beer and generally along for the free ride and if you consider. That most of the people that worked on the festival were volunteers and contributed countless hours of their time. I could see why things were getting a little tense.

The party broke up soon after leaving me still slightly fazed as to what had taken place. I had a weird drunken conversation with Kat that didn’t make much sense. (I am still pondering that one.) I proceeded on my way home trying with all my might to walk of the edgy red bull buzz.

Tash is leaving today she is a super champo I hope to catch up with her on the Melbourne dyke dinner party circuit maybe next month when I hope to head done to have my edge removed.

NYWF rocked this year……


~ by abagash on October 10, 2003.

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