just waking up, went to a hip hop gig last night at the star. baldes of hades, the herd, downsyde, and dark organics.

i strode to the club in a suit ya never know when ya might have to be offical. i do believe i was the most well dressed. most people were wearing tracksuits andd the meat heads where in just there standard dress shirt and ball hugging jeans. but dont get me wrong there were some pretty fly fashions.

so the gig the sound was really crap and muddy and levels where all over the place. pissed me off cause i kept going into sound guy mode. thinking of what they should tweak or turn up or down. i guess i just want to enjoy the mix not pick it to peices but it is hard not to when thats what you love sound. but my highlight was bryan (dark orangics) playing his remix of step by step by new kids on the block. it is a great remix and i only heard it the other week i walked up to him last night and said i have 5 letters for you NKOTB and he played it. it really got the party started and my booty moving.

i cruised home listening to Nausenbluten on my walkman i stopped in at the stubidmarket and ran into barry who has been working on the student media confrence at the pod. he gave me a lift home in his bug and we sipped pepermint tea and talked politics to the early hours. it is the first time i have sat down and really talked to the guy.

then i rolled around on the floor watching rage in between naps.


~ by abagash on July 18, 2003.

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