Haven’t written here in so long. I think I can see cobwebs. The weeks seem frantic at the moment but a lot seems to be happening along the way. I have a lot of idea’s float around in my tumultuous brain like flotsam. I see a lot ideas float by. I guess the art is working out what is salvageable. And what you should let drop deep deep into your sub consciousness never to be seen again. I will run a few by you see if maybe I have gone over the edge or is it but pure genius.

“TATTME” it is my and a friend P’s grand idea for a cover band. It is so much easier to get gigs in this town if your in a cover band. So who are we trying to be? None other than Russian Eurovision contestants for 2003 “TATU” (they defiantly get my vote to win Eurovision this year.)

Just as I was prowling to find out about tatu and their song in Eurovision I found this interesting Geri haliwell moment. Appearing on a late-night chat show in the United States, Geri turned to Fred Durst, singer of Limp Bizkit, and said: “If I was a guy like you, I’d wanna do Britney.”

The women of tatu seem quite determined to win at Eurovision this Sunday they have even started slaggin off other contestants.

The girls have already sparked controversy with more than two months to go before the contest by calling the German entry “a crusty old hag.”

Referring to Lou, the 39-year-old contestant from Germany, Lena said: “She looks like she has worn out more men in her life than we have vodka bottles. We would push her straight off the edge of the bed.

“In Russia we look after the blind and the elderly but we don’t send them to Eurovision like the Germans.”

Now that’s got to hurt.

But back to the cover band idea. We have a few limitations. We are not Russian. We are two burly guys. we have already started a no tongues policy when we kiss on stage. Well I am sure tattme will overcome all evil.

Well more ideas to coming soon.


~ by abagash on May 17, 2003.

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