Why wont it bloomin well rain?

I am a bit batty since we last spoke. I haven’t left the house for a while; the writing is going well but at what cost? I need to be inspired but my new subject is a woman (karmile) who is a manic-depressive with paranoid delusions. So I guess I am on track.

I have been watching movies maniacally

The Trap starring Olvier Reed this one is a dozzy about a wild trapper from the mountains coming to town to trade his furs and buy a women to keep him warm in the long winter nights. He ends up with a mute who is none to happy with the situation. She falls in love with him after much tragedy. A bit like battered wife syndrome. I found this endearing piece of 60s cinema in the early hours on the ABC a bastion of weird films in the wee hours of the morn. Just cause there black and white and people are speaking in toffy English accents most of the time doesn’t mean ya should give these films a go they show some gems at times.

Cut A bit of schlock never goes astray in times of need and when it also contains the likes of Kylie Minogue (of street fighter fame) and Molly Ringwald (breakfast club, pretty in pink really to many to mention) how could I go wrong. It all based on the premise of trying to finish a cursed film. Lots of film students dyeing very bloodily. The best death is of the producer who brains splatter all over a window. Pretty Shiite but some of the best Aussie gore I have seen in a long time. Australia just doesn’t seem the home of the slasher film. But it does work but if you have seen any other slasher film you know the plot already. Molly is great as the bitchy neurotic American actress. Her best line is “do they sell tofu around here?”

A watched a few others but I will fill you in on them some other day.

Hope this finds you well…


~ by abagash on February 13, 2003.

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