well the day seems very warm. i had hoped it would storm last night but alas enough about the weather. the days have been flying past and my mind seems focused on new projects. but is it?

i went to the park last night swung on the swings watched the bats fly around the fig trees. me and c talked about what we wanted to do in the coming months. who knows what might happin i might end up living somewhere else other than newi. but it is still all up in the air.

my brain is focused on a new story i am writing. it is appearing to leave my pen as a straight narative my first in a while. cant say to much about it you’ll have to buy the hard copy. it will hopefully be out by easter. well i hope so it is flowing well at the moment but i never know when the lull wind strike. it is hard to write with no wind in your sales.

time to watch springer gotta go cya



~ by abagash on February 10, 2003.

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