long tyme no talk

well i am still alive an kicking

been doing crazy shit again in brisbane

made a zine with six artist. we blew up the best work from the zine to A0 and put it on the walls of the power house in brisbane. i made a soundtrack for the ocassion inspiered and made by the artists. this was all acheived in five days. only having minimal to no contact with the artists before the intenseive. it shows ya mircles can happin.

well that was last week and i am laxin this week trying to get over this mammoth effort but it seems i never stop i have 3 new projects on the boil

1. i am recording and producing the new tad podee single (pills)

2. i am workin with c on a talkin book. she wrote it and will read it. i will just record the words, write and record the music and effects.

3. i am workin on my own solo zine that should be out by easter i hope. not sure what it will be about but i uselly work that out as i go along. i have a few ideas stiring in that empty cavern that is sometimes called my brain.

well the hour is late and i am listening to robert palmers addicted to love on KOfm

lets hope the weather stays mild cause thursday was unbearable. hot hot hot

well cha cha cha bye


one day i will leave this house and i will tell u of my adventures in the outside world…


~ by abagash on January 31, 2003.

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