DADA in the extreme

Going to Brisbane next Tuesday night to make zines posters blogs for a couple of days and fuck with conservative peoples heads. Those motherfuckers that think every think is rosy we should all just sit back and not rock the boat. Well conservatives beware cause I am coming north and it is gunna rock.

What day it was a bit of a stinker and with not much sleep I was a right head case. I went to coffee with DJ Melli Mel and Walter had a coffee and some breakfast. After that one coffee I was like a rocket man on a mission.

I saw Dano on take off. His film Torana boys won the Newcastle film Festi what a trip hey. Then it was off to buy an envelope jeez I’ve got an exciting life.

Then it was of to centerfink it is so funny when you go to the pension counter they talk so clearly and loud like when your watching one of those learn to speak English programs. They lady I talked to just treated everyone like they where her best mate she laid it on real thick I guess she thinks where to dumb or senile to notice she hates her job and her life.

Got to record tad poedee tomorrow night up town in some tunnel he wants some good live reverb. He wants me to produce another cd for him.

Well gotta sleep or my life will truly be a blur


~ by abagash on December 3, 2002.

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