Well another successful weekend had a good gig djing out past Dungog at the forest festival. Lots of cool people to talk to. We even had an ageing hippie (hippie is such a cuss word now days) telling us that we weren’t respecting the land by the music we were playing she couldn’t handle swearing either. Where did all the freedom go? We allowed her the freedom to express her opinion but it seems that as far as the freedom stretched. God some hippies’ piss me off they think freedom only applies to them and have no inkling to the ramifications perpetrated on others. Where is the compassion and empathy gone? I am sure they want good things for this planet but respect is sometimes lacking. Well that’s my two cents worth. I just chilled out talked to lots of people. Other people that played were tad podee, Atlantis, Simone (stupid hippy exhibit a) and dark organics (who I think should be called DJ Bryan). What a super line up bryan talk to me about making music together I want to call the collaboration light eugenics I am sure he will love the dark humour of it all.


~ by abagash on November 29, 2002.

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