Just moved again what an ordeal but I am sure this will be more permanent. Well I can hope anyway the 2kk-press office has been unpacked and I have been able to sprawl out. It is choice to have some space when you are writing. If you are not aware the two previous office spaces have also been my bedrooms. I don’t know what it is but until now I have not felt comfortable to sprawl out with my stuff. Maybe it is because I never thought the communal space was mine to share. Well things have changed me and C are living together now and I final feel safe to share my precious things and know they will be respected

The new bunker is in a light industrial estate in Newcastle. There are men in overalls cursing around swearing and laughing. There is something so soothing about the sound of a compressor and a high pressure hose. I like that there is movement in the day that isn’t just people drinking coffee in a cafe

I am so happy to finally have my own space with C she is the gem I always spoke off.

Unpacking all my stuff I worked out what a hoarder I am. I have collected so much. Here is a list of all the things I have collections of some are mundane but others I am still flummoxed as to why I have them maybe it will all come to light one day soon.

1. Movie tickets

2. Weird retro music and remixes

3. Zines

4. Movie posters

5. Restraint menus

6. Letters

7. Newspaper articles about killings and weird death scenarios

8. Cables and cords

9. Old computers that don’t work

10. Weird religious books and different versions of the bible

11. Erotic novels and comics

12. Wide collared shirts

So do u think I need professional help or what


~ by abagash on November 19, 2002.

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