diary entry for saturday the 5th of october

i am a little back logged with this frantic week but i will get it all out i promise.

Woe what a weekend been one hell of a trip just scooting about.

Zine fair was awesome it was so hot in watt space. My hangover, which I thought I had cured, started to come back. Friday night I abused my body with lots of vodka and dancing to hardcore techno. I thought that when awoke I only had a little headache and if I looked after myself drank lots of water and ate some food it would all be apples. But I was deluding myself. I have the sneaking suspicion that I was still pissed. The headache went away as I started to treat myself better. But in the confines of this hot, sticky and noisy place that is the zine fare it started flooding back. I kept my cool it would be so hard to be cranky when beautiful, interesting and creative people who understand what it is like to self publish surround you. Put their work out into the world to be consumed. I sold a few zines and made some good swaps with people. Met some ziners I really like (Shane who did blown colon and handpash, Cassandra who makes relax baby and Paul who makes star zine.) I sat at a table with some great ziners CJ whose hot new zine half-baked eyes blew my mind its educated design sizzled my retinas. He has a great eye for detail and ended up with a very slick work. Shane who is always good for a rave on pop culture. He truly loves smash hits magazine. He has started a great debate about whether Karl Marx would have liked Brittany spears or not. Lou and tom where up the far end of the table with all their crazy stuff. Well written designed and executed with such finesse. They are fine team when working together but also are powerhouses when they’re doing their own thing. They are the homecoming king and queen of thee zine world and we are all but serfs to their onslaught. The place was teeming with people of varied and different styles. I had a girl sitting next to me selling a zine all about buffy the vampire slayer. I donít know what it is about fan zines but I just donít seem to see the point to some of them. They just seem like advertising. I had to put up with going “wow I love buffy too.” or “wow I make a zine about buffy too, you wanna swap.” I guess I get obsessed about things to. I can choose not to read that style of zines. Who made me god to choose what zines should or shouldn’t be made? I was hot hungover and had a headache sent directly from Hades.


~ by abagash on October 10, 2002.

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